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About the Roma Band

Italian music continues to serve as a vehicle for the preservation of Italian culture in Boston! Principally engaged in support of religious feasts and cultural events in Boston's North End, the Roma Band delights tourists and local gentry alike, as it perpetuates the devotion of the Italian community to the dignity and beauty of their heritage!

Under the leadership of Salvatore (Salvi) Pugliese, the Roma Band provides a musical menu, unique in its kind. Playing without sheet music, players respond to whatever Salvi’s musically intuitive mind suggests.


  • Roma Band excels at performing traditional Italian repertoire by heart, with heart. Loved by audiences in the North End and beyond.
  • As the second longest-serving member of the band (34 years), I've seen a lot of fine musicians come and go. Conservatory grads, jazz-men and women, military band veterans and more have served it over the years. Some have stuck with the band into their 80's, and always skillful young people have come forward to replace them, and to carry on our long, proud tradition. The current roster is outstanding. You won't find a greater level of talent anywhere! ( Dave Dunton, clarinetist)
    Dave DuntonClarinetist
  • I see in the Roma Band a depth of tradition that surpasses all other bands of this niche. There's a specialness and authenticity I feel when playing with the band. Where the young and the old come together, an awesome energy is formed and expressed.
    Kai SandovalMember